Creventa partners with Tripleseat

Pioneering a Seamless Event Experience

Event management in the hospitality industry has just taken a leap forward. Tripleseat, renowned as the industry’s top cloud-based sales and event management platform, has forged an exciting strategic partnership with Creventa, the leading pre-order solution innovator. This alliance promises to redefine how venues and hosts plan and execute events.

Revolutionizing Pre-orders and More

With this collaboration, venues can now afford their guests the luxury of ordering their food and drinks ahead of time. But it’s not just about pre-orders. The integration ensures a customised menu experience for each event, meticulously designed to cater to the unique requirements of every guest.

Moreover, this forward planning doesn’t just enhance the guest experience; it’s also a stride towards sustainability. By allowing guests to pre-order, the exact quantities required can be determined, which significantly reduces food wastage.

Prioritising Health with Allergen Compliance

In the modern world where dietary requirements and health concerns are paramount, the Creventa-Tripleseat partnership shines with Creventa’s allergen compliance feature. Venues can now effortlessly manage, track, and display allergen information on pre-order menus, ensuring that the health and safety of every guest is never compromised.

Visualizing Efficiency with Seating Plans

Event management is as much about the back-end logistics as it is about the front-end experience. To this end, Creventa brings to the table its intuitive drag-and-drop seating plans. Venues using Tripleseat’s platform can now visualize the event’s spatial design, ensuring optimal crowd flow and seating efficiency.

Words from the Visionaries

Jonathan Morse, the CEO of Tripleseat, expressed his enthusiasm, stating: “This partnership with Creventa exemplifies our commitment to collaborate with UK-based companies, bringing top-tier technology to restaurants and hotels. We believe our venues and their guests will greatly benefit from this synergy.”

Echoing this sentiment, Andrew Norton, Creventa’s founder, remarked: “Our goal has always been to address and eradicate the challenges of event planning, ensuring every host feels empowered and every customer feels valued. Creventa aims to make every event experience memorable and efficient.”

In Conclusion

This partnership between Tripleseat and Creventa signifies a new era for event management in the hospitality sector. A combination of pre-ordering prowess, health compliance, and efficient seating plans ensures that venues can offer a truly world-class experience to their guests. As we watch this partnership unfold, the future of event planning certainly looks promising. For more information about this collaboration, visit .

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