Food & Drink Pre-orders

Allergen Compliance

Automatic Place Cards

Drag & Drop Seating Plans

Shared Food & Drinks Lists

Joiner Parties

Cut Food Wastage

Function Sheets

Reduce Manual Admin

Pre-orders: Streamline your order process with Creventa’s intuitive pre-order feature. Enhance your guests’ experience by allowing them to place orders at their convenience, ensuring they receive exactly what they desire. Let Creventa handle the logistics, so your team can focus on creating memorable experiences for your guests.

Automatic place cards: Leave the worry of manually arranging place cards behind with Creventa’s automatic place-cards feature. Input guest details and let our innovative algorithm handle the rest, ensuring each guest feels personally attended to. With Creventa, effortlessly add a touch of elegance and personalisation to your events.

Shared Orders: Simplify shared dining with Creventa’s shared orders feature. Ensure precise tracking and fair splitting of shared orders, making the billing process transparent and hassle-free. Let your customers savour their meals without the worry of complex bill splitting.

Joiner Parties: With Creventa, effortlessly manage joiner parties by grouping individual bookings to maximise your venue’s potential. Our innovative solution helps you optimise seating arrangements while ensuring guests a seamless and enjoyable experience. Let Creventa be your trusted partner in orchestrating memorable events.

Drag & Drop Seating Plans: Create and adjust seating plans easily using Creventa’s drag & drop seating plan feature. No more grappling with paper diagrams; visualise your venue layout and experiment with seating arrangements on your screen. Let Creventa empower you to be the master of your venue’s spatial design.

Allergen Compliance: Prioritise your customers’ health and safety with Creventa’s allergen compliance feature. Easily manage, track, and display allergen information on your menus, ensuring your guests can make informed dietary choices. Trust Creventa to help you maintain top-notch food safety standards.

Function Sheets: Say goodbye to tedious paperwork with Creventa’s digital function sheets. Access key event details at a glance, update information in real-time and ensure your entire team is on the same page. With Creventa, stay organised and efficient to deliver flawless events.


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