A total order and pay solution for hospitality

No setup fees. No contract. No risk.

What we do
All inclusive package

QR Code Mobile Ordering

Order and pay in 20 seconds. No download, no registration, 97% customer adoption rate

Discounts & Promotions

Build customer and staff loyalty with discounts and special offers

Tabs, Split Bills & Tips

Allow open and pre-authorised tabs, guests can add friends to tabs, split bills and reward servers

& OrderStation

Multi-channel ordering via QR code, static terminal, staff hand-held and click & collect

Back Office & Reporting

See exactly what’s being ordered and track revenue, taxes and fees
in real time

Printed Order

Works with networked ticket printers, routing menu items to kitchen, bar or dispense areas

Creventa explained

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Business benefits

The Creventa difference

Creventa is built for independent venues and provides a no-fuss solution that will revolutionise the economics of your venue.

  • 20 seconds to place an order
  • 97% uptake by customers with 18% average increase in spend
  • Estimated £9,000 uplift in average monthly revenue
  • Reduced staff costs 
  • OrderPad – servers’ hand-held till for table service
  • OrderStation – tablet-based EPoS for fixed order points
  • Order Consolidation – group multiple orders placed by the same table on 1 ticket
  • Tabs and bill splitting
  • Staff tips
  • No setup fee, no contract 
  • Low card fees 
  • Live support during trading hours
How it works

Maximize your menu

Creventa’s smart technology takes guests from a QR code to paid order in 20 seconds.

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Try our demo

Scan the code with your phones camera and use the credit card details below to process an order.

Click here to see Creventa in action and use the credit card details below to process an order. 


Don't just take our word for it

What you pay

Simple, transparent pricing

Venues simply pay 1% of the transaction value, plus 10p per transaction
All-inclusive package – access to all the benefits of Creventa

Note that fees apply to UK/ EEA Visa and Mastercard transactions – for other card types and territories may vary.

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